1987 Yale University, College of Art, M.F.A. Painting
1985 New York Studio School of Painting and Sculpture

2015 Workshop: Photo as Catalyst: Extracting and Transforming, Boulder Art Workshops, Boulder, CO
2015 Guest Critic, Professional Program, Art Student’s League, New York, NY
2015 Workshop: Photo as Catalyst: Extracting and Transforming, Washington Studio School, Wash DC
2012 Visiting Critic, Drawing Marathon, NYSS, New York, NY
2011 Visiting Critic, Printmaking Workshop, PCAD, PA
2010 Visiting Artist and Critic, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
2008 Adjunct Professor, LIU, Art Department, Brooklyn Campus

2015 Speaker, “Artist’s Talk”, Janice Nowinski, Boulder Library, Boulder, CO
2015 Panelist, “Painters on Painting”, Janice Nowinski, Deborah Kahn, Kyle Staver, Washington Studio School
2013 Panelist, “Reflections from the Artist’s Studio”, moderator, H. Leitzke, PCAD, Lancaster, PA
2012 Panelist, “An Astronomy of Things”, moderator R. Bunkin, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2012 Panelist, “The Image in New Territory?”, moderator: W. Gitler, Art Students League, New York, NY
2012 Panelist, “Making Your Own Luck”, moderator: E. Sessions, MICA, Baltimore, MD

2015 John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY
2015 Washington Studio School, Washington, DC
2013 John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY
2012 2009, 2006 Bowery Gallery, NY

2016 Painting in New York, Leigh Morse Fine Art, New York, NY
2016 #PUSSYPOWER, David Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY
2016 On Painting, Kent Fine Art LLC, New York, NY
2016 Paths that Cross, Cameron Street Gallery, Winchester, VA
2016 Collector’s Show, Second Avenue Arts, Grand Rapids, MI
2015 Jardin, Studio, No. 4 Studio, Brooklyn, New York
2014 City as Subject, Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY
2014 Invitational Exhibition of Work by Newly Elected Members and Recipients of Honors and Awards, American Academy of Arts and Letters
2014 Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts, American Academy of Arts and Letters
2014 Heads: A Retelling, LIU’s Salena Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2013 Grand Rapids ArtPrize and Grand Haven Artwalk, Grand Rapids and Grand Haven, MI
2013 17 Self Portraits by Women, Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, Philadelphia, PA
2013 Silence & Noise, Whispers, Hints, Narrative & Declaration, Next Gallery, MCNY, New York, NY
2013 Reflections, Zeuxis, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2012 Necessary Arrangements, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2012 The Jam, Steven Harvey Fine Arts Projects, New York, NY
2012 Gilbert Gallery, Farmington, CT
2012 JSS Auction Benefit, SHFAP, New York, NY
2011 Rotation: A Selection of Gallery and Invited Artists, Lohin Geduld, New York, NY
2010 Portrayal, Group Exhibition, Lohin Geduld, New York, NY

2016 Patrick Neal, Hyperallergic, “Figurative Painting That’s Emphatically Human”
2016 Karen Wilkin, The Hudson Review, “At The Galleries”
2015 Paul Laster, The Observer, “Weekend Edition: 8 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before July 28”
2014 Maria Doubrovskaia, Project Inkblot,“The Here and Now of the NYC Painter, Janice Nowinski”
2013 John Goodrich, Oneviewat, “John Lees: Painting/Janice Nowinski: Recent Paintings”
2013 Xico Greenwald, Painting Perceptions, “A Studio Visit with Janice Nowinski”
2013 Daniel Maidman, Huffington Post, “The Trustworthy Image: Janice Nowinski at John Davis Gallery”
2012 Jennifer Samet, Necessary Arrangements, Exhibition Catalog, “Stilled Time”
2012 Neil Plotkin, Painting Perceptions, “Interview with Janice Nowinski”
2012 John Seed, Conference Proceedings, TRAC,“Anne Harris, Kyle Staver and Janice Nowinski: Three Approaches to Beauty”
2012 Alison Martin, The Examiner, “Janice Nowinski’s Paintings of Nude Models featured at Chelsea Gallery”
2012 John Seed, Huffington Post, "Janice Nowinski: Naughty Postcards and the Man by the River"
2011 Seed, Huffington Post, “Ten Memorable Paintings from 2011”
2011 Michael Gormley, "Zeuxis and the Art of the Everyday," American Artist

2014 Purchase Award, American Academy of Arts and Letters, Art Purchase Committee
2013 Second place prize juried 2D award, Artwalk

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